Welcome, Friends of Pálinka!

We have been working to promote pálinka, related events, as well as the art of pálinka distillation and the use of high quality distilling equipment ever since the liberalization of home distillation. Our website,, dedicated to all those topics is working since 2010.

After this we felt that we should give name and face to the promotion of this unique Hungarian speciality, which would have real significance if the reputation of world-famous Hungarian fruit brandy makes its way beyond our borders, to distant continents. For this purpose we established the Hungarian Pálinka Embassy. The microsite can be find here:

From the very beginning we always felt a strong attraction to the shiny pálinka distillers, just as if they were precious jewels. We have seen both cheap, poor quality and expensive luxury designs. However, we were sure we only wanted to sell reliable and high quality equipment. This was the basic idea when setting up our range. Having learned the distillers of various manufacturers, taking into consideration their good qualities and exploring the needs and demand of the market, we started to produce our own distilling equipment. Our website and the English language microsite gives a thorough description of our Pálinka Master one-step combined and Pálinka Master Classic fractionating distillers.

Also soon will be available the full version of page, which is part of our website family, where everybody can chose among the replaced but quality stills.

Our newest page is a pálinka distiller searcher, which makes it easy to choose the distiller that suits our needs and our financial possibilities. You can already try it at

We look forward for the visit of all interested parties, clients and everybody who wants to learn at our premises at 1164 Budapest, Vidámvásár u. 143.

Szabó Ferenc Ignác / +3630-932-9396 


Magyar László / +3630-522-1099     

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