Let Your company be the one to represent, manufactures and sells the world-famous Pálinka Master product line.

Let Your company the one to teach other countries in the world how to make high quality fruit pálinka.

Let Your company be the one to continue promoting the successful Hungarian innovation on foreign markets. 


Our franchise package consists of four elements.


1. The Pálinka Master product line

  • Fruit processing and distillation product line formed during 6 years of development, with 10 own manufactured products
  • Transfer of production rights to a given country
  • Technical description, bill of materials of the equipment, list of spare parts supplier places, if required


2. Pálinka making training system

  • Transfer of one-day and half-day training system of Hungarian pálinka making for the territory of a given country
  • Providing training materials, instructions for promoting, organizing and conducting presentations
  • Production and distribution rights for instructional DVD for the territory of a given country


3. Own-produced / recommended accessories and additional products

  • Essential and necessary supplementary products for mash making, pálinka distilling, pálinka handling
  • Delivery of production descriptions, assembly plans, procurement sources and partners


4. Online infrastructure / website and webshop

  • Complete website with Pálinka Master product line equipment, selected supplementary products, placement of pálinka making training, ready-to-start webshop, contact information, translated to Slovak language, if required, or translated to the language of a given country
  • Providing the brand, image, logo and marketing materials created for the product line


You can download the Market Covering Business Franchise Package (ppsx presentation format).

If You are interested, please contact us!

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