Pálinka making at home – Making a home-made pálinka

Pálinka making is an art and a profession in one. The practices and procedures inherited from the fast, used by our fathers and grandfathers to distil spirits or make pálinka, typically are not consistent with immaculate quality. At that time this “profession” only spread from mouth to mouth and there always was some confusion in the flow of information. Thus it was not expected that home-made sorts of pálinka would compete with commercially available premium burnt spirits.


How this situation looks like today? The historical sloppy, low quality pálinka became a success product that will become a world brand in the very near future. There are big chances of this, as there is no spirit in the world that would reflect the spirit and the experience of consumption of the fruits like the Hungarian high quality fruit pálinka.


We know the secret but we don’t hide it. We know how to make good pálinka. In fact, we claim that home-made pálinka not only achieves but also surpasses the quality of commercial pálinkas. For this purpose we need to adhere to the rules of fruit handling, mash making, professional pálinka distilling and rules of pálinka afterlife. The Hungarian Pálinka Embassy, the Házipálinka.com and the Pálinkafőzés.com consider it their mission to promote more widely the mysteries of making premium quality pálinka.


For this reason we are organizing monthly theoretical and practical pálinka making trainings at our premises and we are waiting also for Your registration!

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