Jam Master jam maker

Professional, double-walled, water-bathed jam maker pots.

  • 2mm stainless steel plate
  • pressure gauge, safety valve, suction valve
  • 3” spout ball valve in 80 and 120 litres pots
  • with flame retardant flange and electric preheating
  • optionally with electric heating on demand (4,5kw system gross 200,- EUR, 6kw system gross 250,- EUR)
  • optionally for capacity of 30, 80 and 120 litres with mixing device, wired with engine, gear (all system gross 750,- EUR)
  • available in 30, 80 and 120 litres
  • the burning of jam is excluded!!

Jam Master jam maker 30l pot

590 EUR

Jam Master jam maker 80l pot

1,500 EUR

Jam Master jam maker 120l pot

1,870 EUR
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