Mag Master corer, grinder, pulverizing machine

The Magmaster has arrived!

It is the newest equipment produced by Pálinkafőzé

The whole stainless steel corer machine beyond the stone fruits is suitable for chopping, crushing, grinding and pulverizing fruits with high pectin content (apples, pears, quinces, etc).

Recommended for preparing high quality mash and jam. The unique perforation does not allow the stem and stalk to pass through, and so it works effectively also in case of fruits collected with stem.

Filling capacity: 37 litres (depending on the fruit type 25-35kg/filling or continuous feeding)
Function: Vertical axis corer with two horizontally rotating knives.
With adjustable width, suitable for barrels, tubs and other storage units (600mm).


  • Place the corer on the appropriate storage device, start the drive motor on speed I, than raise the speed.
  • Feed the fruit through the hopper to the device, increase the speed if necessary depending on the water content of the fruit.
  • The pulpy fruit flesh flows through the perforation into the storage unit, and the pits remaining in the corer increases the efficiency of the grinding. As soon as the amount of the accumulated pit reaches 50% of the height of the perforation, empty the unit!


  • Pitting, grinding efficiency: Cherry, Sour cherry, Peach, Plum, Blackberry: 3-400 kg / hour (measured data)
  • Material: Acid-resistant plate perforated cylinder, plain bearing knife shaft with two horizontal knives.
  • The drive is powered by a two-stage continuously variable 1400-1800 Watt engine.
  • Speed I: 0-350 rpm Speed II: 350-700 rpm

New development from year 2016 is that the junction between the mixing device and the corer drill is hinged, so there is no vibration in the barrel or tub during operation.

Mag Master corer, grinder, pulverizing machine / with electric mixer

850 EUR
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