Pot Still distillation

As "Pálinka Master" is a combined still, you have the choice to use the still as a traditional distiller that produces spirit in two steps. (The traditional way of pálinka producing) If you do not reflux the vapour in the distilling column, you will gain a partially distilled wash which you can distil once again using the still (again leaving out the reflux step) to produce a pálinka. Thus pot still distillation gives an incomplete separation, but this can be desirable for the flavour of some distilled beverages.

There is precooler with double walls at the top of the column. This cooler conducts the vapours with higher boiling points back into the still. As the liquid returns, it is distilled more than once, and the whole process gives perfectly distilled spirits. If we leave out the reflux process, the column becomes a traditional lyne arm.

Cooling the column: If we leave out the precooler, we still need to cool the column, as there is no other cooler on our still as opposed to traditional stills, which have their own cooling units.

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