SerPa Brewing Master brewing equipment

Presentation of our brewery manufacturing partner of our equipment:


We prepared our own one-pot, double-walled, 80 litres, multifunction, beer and pálinka brewing equipment named SerPa based on the ideas and guidelines of a hobby brewer. The equipment works excellent after a successful test period.

The specialty of the SerPa brewing equipment is the one-pot brewing technology. This means that the mashing, filtering and the hop boiling are executed in one pot. Since the hop boiling is done in the same pot as the mashing, so it can be started at a higher temperature, and thus the brewing process requires less energy and time.

The brewing technology used is also unique, the essence of this is to keep the mash in constant motion with the help of a circulating pump and, unlike traditional brewing methods, the liquid circulated by the pump washes out the starch from the malt. Applying the correct recipe with the equipment allows to brew 60-70 litres of beer in one stage.

Another special feature is that the “BREWING MASTER” beer brewer is suitable for one or two-step pálinka making, adding only the copper top and the fractionating column, which can be purchased as an option to the equipment. It is also suitable for jam making. (Water bath with double wall.)


Beer brewing presentation video


Brewing equipment accessories:

  • double-walled stainless steel pot with 80 or 40 litres capacity
  • malt roller with top and bottom fine filter and clamping device
  • malt roller lifting arm
  • flame retardant flange
  • copper spiral beer cooler
  • circulation pump
  • 6 or 4,5kw electric heater (for equipment with electric heating)

SerPa Brewing Master 40 litre gas heated brewing equipment

1,540 EUR

SerPa Brewing Master 40 litre brewing equipment with gas and electric heating

1,770 EUR

SerPa Brewing Master 80 litre gas heated brewing equipment

2,040 EUR

SerPa Brewing Master 80 litre brewing equipment with gas and electric heating

2,300 EUR
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